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How we can help

Using our many years of experience, we provide solutions and support for you, no matter what stage of life you are at.

Life is a journey, and Financial Stability travels this journey with you.  As your life evolves through most of the following stages,  Financial Stability can be there with you every step of the way.

Young, single and independent

• Maximise the Government’s super incentives – it could add thousands to your super savings.
• Take out risk insurance through your superannuation fund. It’s often the cheapest and most tax-effective way of providing insurance cover.
• We can help you to choose an investment strategy that suits your long-term risk profile and goals.

A family and a mortgage

• Your focus may be on repaying the home loan, but don’t forget your super.
• Think about risk insurance through superannuation. A mortgage and young children means insurance is a top priority.
• Check eligibility for a tax offset on spouse superannuation contributions as well as your entitlement to other Government super incentives.
• Review your investment strategy and risk profile.

The “in between” years

• A higher income and a smaller mortgage open up the opportunity to boost your superannuation.
• Find out how salary sacrifice can lift your super savings.
• Review your risk insurance cover and investment risk profile.

Retirement is looming

• Over 55s enjoy some great incentives to contribute to superannuation.
• Combine salary sacrifice with a transition to retirement pension.
• Review your risk insurance cover, investment strategy and risk profile.
• Start detailed retirement planning.

Down time

• You have made it! For retirees over 60, withdrawals and pension payments are tax-free!
• Review your investment risk. Keep enough growth in your portfolio to ensure your money lasts as long as you do.
• Review your risk insurance.
• Keep active and enjoy life (and keep working if you want to!).